Head Start, Monroe County

Last day of class Friday

Spring Fling

Friday will be a special day for children, parents and staff involved with Head Start for the South Central Community Action Program.

It will be the last day of class for 11 classes in the Head Start school year program. Seven and a half months after they got started on Sept. 2, they will hold events Friday to celebrate the last day of class and all they accomplished during the school year.

Picnics with the children and their parents will be held at Bryan Park, Olcott Park, Flatwoods Park and Broadview Adult Education Center. At the Broadview picnic and awards ceremonly, the children will put on a short play with princesses and dragons.

Classroom Two at the Lindbergh Head Start site will be one of those holding a celebration at Bryan Park. That class has enjoyed several fun events during the year, including a pet lady who brought dogs, hamsters and rats to the classroom, which the kids loved, and trips to the library and the YMCA.

The final event for Classroom Two will be a “Moving Up” ceremony, complete with little caps and certificates of completion. The children in that class as they move on to summer will sing a song for their parents with the words, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, one is gold.” 

Classroom Two teacher Genevieve Morris saw her preschool students make obvious growth mentally and physically during the school year, but the progress she may remember most is in their social skills.  

“It’s not always mine, mine, mine now,” she said. “They learned how to take turns and share, and work things out using their words with each other.”

In the 11 school year classes, 207 three- to five-year olds were served at eight locations. They received comprehensive childhood development services, including educational, health, nutritional, social and other services designed to promote school readiness.  With the end of the school year classes, there are still four year-round Head Start classes that will continue throughout the summer.

Provided below is a look at few of the faces and moments from this Head Start school year.


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