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Summer Cool Program starts June 1

Help with summer electric bills is on the way for low-income households in Monroe, Brown, Morgan and Owen counties. 

The Summer Cool Program offered by the South Central Community Action Program will run from June 1 through Aug. 31. It will assist eligible low-income households by providing $50 toward their electric bill.

This summer assistance is part of a broader Energy Assistance Program that also includes help with fuel bills during the winter. For the winter program that just ended, SCCAP assisted 5,209 households, a 15 percent increase from the previous winter.   

All households who received Energy Assistance from SCCAP during the past winter are eligible for the $50 electric credit in the Summer Cool program. All other households must complete an application and have their income verified.

Once approved for the Summer Cool program, a member of each household can also watch a short presentation on how to conserve energy and receive at no cost a conservation kit that contains three compact fluorescent light bulbs and a furnace filter whistle that tells you when your filter is dirty and needs to be changed. The retail value of the energy conservation kit, which is provided to approved households at no cost, is about $25.

In addition, a household where a family member has a severe medical condition may provide written verification from a medical doctor to receive a small window air conditioner. Clients should call the SCCAP office for details about the required documentation to claim this benefit.

SCCAP has provided energy benefits to low-income citizens for 27 years. Last year, 2,116 households received assistance through the Summer Cool Program.

Eligibility for the Summer Cool program is based on the number of people in the household and total household income: 1 person-$15,600, 2-$21,000, 3-$26,400, 4-$31,800, 5-$37,200. For each additional household member beyond five people, add $5,400.    

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the SCCAP office in your county: Monroe: 339-3447, Morgan: 342-1518, Owen: 829-2279, Brown: 988-6636.


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