Head Start, Monroe County

Head Start families celebrate last day of class

last day - graduate girls

Eleven classes of preschoolers danced, sang and reveled in the applause of their families, teachers and classmates as they celebrated the completion of the Head Start school year Friday.   

In a year-end celebration at the Broadview Adult Education Center, a class demonstrated the social skills and creativity they had developed throughout the school year by acting out a play that they wrote themselves, wearing costumes they designed themselves, with the help of teacher Ruth Anderson.

“They wrote it,” Anderson said. “I just kind of guided it.”

That play brought to life the pretty princesses with pink flowers, roaring dragons, noble knights and even a few zebras that the kids had been talking about in class through much of this school year.  

A crowd of about 50 family members and Head Start staff attended the play, which was named “Happily Ever After.” One of those family members was Cheryl Frye, the grandmother of princess Izzabelle Caldwell, who will turn four on Saturday. 

“Izzabelle has really learned quite a bit this year at Head Start,” Frye said. “She’s learned letters and writing skills. It’s helped her socially in feeling comfortable with other kids and not clinging to me. She really needed that.”  

At Bryan Park, several classes held last-day celebrations, including a class from the Arlington Head Start center. Those children from the Arlington center wore tie-dye shirts as they belted out a song for their parents and danced to Hannah Montana. 

Then each child stepped forward wearing a multi-colored graduation cap of his or her own design to accept a certificate of completion as their family members and friends cheered.

Although SCCAP’s school year program will now be off until next fall, there are still four year-round Head Start classes that will continue through the summer.

Parents who would like to enroll their children in next fall’s Head Start classes can call 334-8350 for information on how to apply. The program is for income-eligible children who are three to five years old. They must be three by Aug. 1 to be eligible.


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