Brown County, Energy_Assistance, Monroe County, Morgan County, Owen County

Getting the word out about Summer Cool

We just sent out a news release this morning about SCCAP’s Summer Cool Program that starts next Monday, June 1.

One thing I added to this release from the post I made on Inside SCCAP last week about the Summer Cool Program is some information about the energy conservation kit that households can receive in addition to assistance with their electric bill.

Once approved for the Summer Cool Program, a member of each household can receive information about how to conserve energy and a conservation kit that contains three compact fluorescent light bulbs and a furnace filter whistle that tells you when your filter is dirty and needs to be changed.

The retail value of the energy conservation kit, which is provided to approved households at no cost, is about $25. Each household can only receive one kit per year, so if you already received one this winter, you can’t get another one this summer.

For more information or an appointment, contact an SCCAP office: Monroe County, 339-3447; Morgan County, 342-1518; Owen County, 829-2279; Brown County, 988-6636.


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