Head Start, Monroe County

Head Start sends off staff with some laughs

Head Start's Richard Dawson greets a contestant
Head Start's Richard Dawson greets a contestant

The SCCAP Head Start Program held its annual end of program year staff retreat Friday at the Genesis Church in Bloomington.

After completing some inservice training and discussion in the morning, it was fun and games for the rest of day.  That gave staff members a happy send-off into summer after a program year in which they’d successfully tackled such challenges as overcoming the loss of a couple of coordinators who had moved away and handling a higher than usual number of snow days. 

“It was really good the way the staff hung in there,” Head State Director Shirley Stumpner said.

Friday’s fun for close to 60 participants featured a Newlywed Game that was won by the “couple” of Family Service Coordinator Monica Miley and Health Coordinator Shelly Powell. Powell cracked up her co-workers by playing the game dressed as Tammy Faye Bakker.

The staff also played Family Feud with the “Real Housewives of Head Start” squared off against the “Fab 5,” and Family Service/Teacher Aide Jason Keller ably portraying Richard Dawson.

Toward the end of the afternoon, the Head Start program recognized the accomplishments and commitment of its staff by giving out various awards, each with its own pin. The winners of the “Beyond the Call Award,” for instance, received a pin with a phone on it for being “dailed in for success.”


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