Head Start kids enjoy busy week

June 25, 2009

This hot, steamy week in Bloomington has been wet and wonderful for the  three- to five-year-olds who participate in SCCAP’s year-round Head Start program.

Classrooms 1, 3 and 4 are all holding Water Days this week in which kids bring their bathing suits and water toys, and play outside in the sprinklers.  

Room 1 went on a field trip to check out the planes and facilities at the Monroe County Airport. They’ll take another trip to Spring Mill State Park Friday.  Room 3 took a trip to the Monroe County Library today.

Room 4 has also been busy. They studied insects on Tuesday and watered their garden at SCCAP Wednesday. Their Water Day is today.

SCCAP helps WTIU raise more than $20,000

June 23, 2009

The South Central Community Action Program got the opportunity this month to help the local PBS station, WTIU, by donating our time to answer phones and take pledges for a few hours one night.

According to a letter we just received from WTIU Member Services Coordinator Laura Grannan, the help of volunteers this month enabled the station to raise more than $20,000 from 163 pledges during its June Fund Drive. The successful fund drive assisted WTIU in making its projected revenue goals for the year, Grannan wrote, and gives it a strong foothold in the new fiscal year.

This was the third time that SCCAP has participated in a WTIU fund drive. We appreciate the chance to help out the station and to bring some additional attention to our organization.   

Thanks to those of you who made donations during the fund drive!

Paul Krugman on poverty

June 22, 2009

Today, I ran across a New York Times column from last year about poverty. It’s titled “Poverty is Poison” and written by Paul Krugman, the 2008 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics.

If you haven’t seen this before, it’s worth a read. Click here to check out Krugman’s call for our country to fulfill the mission LBJ set out 45 years ago with his War on Poverty.

Here’s an excerpt:

“America’s failure to make progress in reducing poverty, especially among children, should provoke a lot of soul-searching. Unfortunately, what it often seems to provoke instead is great creativity in making excuses.

Some of these excuses take the form of assertions that America’s poor really aren’t all that poor — a claim that always has me wondering whether those making it watched any TV during Hurricane Katrina, or for that matter have ever looked around them while visiting a major American city.

Mainly, however, excuses for poverty involve the assertion that the United States is a land of opportunity, a place where people can start out poor, work hard and become rich.

But the fact of the matter is that Horatio Alger stories are rare, and stories of people trapped by their parents’ poverty are all too common. According to one recent estimate, American children born to parents in the bottom fourth of the income distribution have almost a 50 percent chance of staying there — and almost a two-thirds chance of remaining stuck if they’re black.

That’s not surprising. Growing up in poverty puts you at a disadvantage at every step.”

Taste of Bloomington Saturday

June 19, 2009

the taste

Hey SCCAP and its supporters, who’s going to the Taste of Bloomington Saturday?

As a B-Town native, it’s an event I’ve enjoyed since it started in 1981. For me, it’s a place I see old friends, sometimes for the only time all year,  and love checking out one of my favorites of Bloomington’s assets, its delicious variety and abundance of restaurants.

As a bonus, a portion of the proceeds for the event, which draws more than 5,000 people a year, are donated to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank and the Community Kitchen of Monroe County.

Here’s the scoop on this year’s event:

The 27th Annual Taste of Bloomington will take place on June 20th, from 3 to 11 pm at Showers Common (7th & Morton Streets).

Tickets will be available on the day of the event.

Admission prices are $6 per person; children under 12 are free!

All food items will be priced at $3 or less.

Taste of Bloomington is a non-smoking event.

Parking is available in City garages at the following locations: 7th & Walnut Streets – 4th & Walnut Streets – 7th & Morton Streets

Circles welcomes Nick McLain

June 19, 2009


Thanks for the following contribution from SCCAP Circles Coordinator Bonnie Vesely:

The Monroe County Circles™ Initiative warmly welcomes one of our new AmeriCorps Volunteer Managers!  Nicholas McLain began serving with Circles™ on June 2nd.  

He is already hard at work building our online presence and making many community contacts as part of his volunteer recruitment effort.  He is also bringing organization to our Youth Program.  Nick is a journalist with degrees in Journalism and Political Science, who was schooled at IU- Bloomington, and formerly wrote news, sports, columns and even movie reviews for the Mooresville-Decatur Times.  He has great tech skills, and we are grateful that he is getting us connected! 

Nick is an animal lover, particularly enjoying dogs, and has worked at kennels.  In his spare time he likes to visit pet stores, play with his dogs, hang out with his brother and friends, as well as play basketball, golf and tennis.   A true renaissance man, he also loves to read! 

Please contact Nick at 339-3447, ext. 263 if you’d like to volunteer with the Circles Youth Program, to prepare, serve and cleanup meals with a group of your friends at a weekly Circles Community meeting, or as a Circles Community Ally – he is eager to hear from you.  You can also contact Nick if you would like to schedule a presentation on Circles™ for your faith community, service club or other group.

The other half of the Americorps Volunteer Management Team, Thomas Henning, begins serving on July 1st : look for news about Thomas on this blog!

SCCAP featured on WRTV 6 news

June 18, 2009

Energy Assistance Program Coordinator Mary Zimmerman did a great job yesterday in talking to Channel 6 about the need for the fans the station donated to SCCAP. You can check out the news broadcast with Mary’s comments at this link at the IndyChannel.com.

Here’s what Mary had to say to the WRTV viewers who donated money to buy the fans:

“I wish that they could see the families that they help because it’s terrible that some can get teary-eyed for a fan. But we have that happen because they really do need this assistance and they are so grateful for that help.”

WRTV 6 donates fans

June 18, 2009

Fans 003

Thanks to WRTV 6, the South Central Community Action Program will be able to provide fans to 50 clients who are elderly, disabled or have children five and under.

The fans will make the summer safer and more comfortable for those who receieve them. They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to clients who have been served in other SCCAP programs. There is a limit of one fan per household.

SCCAP Energy Assistance Program Coordinator Mary Zimmerman and Maintenance/Property Manager Edward Pate went to Home Depot in Greenwood Wednesday to pick up the fans, which were purchased with money donated by WRTV 6 viewers.

WRTV 6 has been donating fans to community action agencies across the state for many years. This year, it donated 650 fans statewide. We deeply appreciate this support for our clients.

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