A losing game for the poor

The Indianapolis Star has followed-up yesterday’s story that we linked on this blog about how wealthy counties receive more lottery proceeds than poorer counties with an editorial today saying that the system needs to be changed.

Here’s an excerpt from the editorial: 

“Given the social dynamics of lottery-playing and the hunger for state revenue, this tax on the poor figures to continue. What government must do is correct the inequity on the spending end.

“Rather than simply rewarding communities according to their level of consumerism, lottery proceeds could be applied to the state’s most basic needs. For nearly half the 43 states that run lotteries, that purpose is education.

“Hoosier folklore, coaxed along by politicians’ rhetoric, has associated the lottery with education for many years. The Daniels administration has advocated making that myth into reality, perhaps by funding college scholarships for the needy. With several prominent members of the legislature having questioned the fairness of the current system, the time may have arrived to make the best of a bad bet.”

You can read the entire editorial here.


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