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Remembering the flood and the lives it changed

UPDATE (6/11): We’ve got another account of the flood and the ensuring clean-up effort today from SCCAP Maintenance Manager Edward Pate. Thanks, Edward! Please give it a read in the comments section of our previous post asking for flood stories.

UPDATE (6/10): We just received another personal account of the flood and its aftermath from SCCAP Operations Manager Chris Myers, who writes about fighting the flood damage on two fronts – at home in Brown County and at work at our washed-out office in Martinsville. She points out that all four counties that SCCAP serves are still feeling the flood’s impact a year later. Her account is provided in what’s currently the last comment in our previous post asking for flood stories. Like the earlier comments we received, it’s definitely worth a read. 


In response to our invitation last week for people to share their memories of last year’s flood and their thoughts on its lasting impact, we received a number of poignant stories. You can read them all in the comments at the bottom of the post linked here.

Here’s the latest comment, posted today by Diane Jendrek, who writes about her cousin, Brian. When you think about Brian’s situation, and about many other people in our area facing similar situations over the past year, you get an idea of just how devastating this flood was to people’s lives.    

Thanks to Diane and everyone else who have shared your stories and thoughts about last year’s disaster.   

“The devastation of the flood occurred in the dark of night and almost too quickly for some to comprehend what was happening to them. My cousin, Brian, who lived in Martinsville, was awakened by his cat who had jumped into bed with him to escape the rising waters. When Brian sat up he was in water already to his knees. By the time he was able to get out of the house it had risen to shoulder height. Brian manage to get himself and the cats to higher ground and safety.

“He lost everything in the flood. His home was condemned with severe structural damage and his vehicles were total losses. Just 3 weeks ago he was able to move into a new home of his own. The last year was spent with insurance forms, endless piles of paperwork, disappoints,tribulations and the frustrations of countless deadlines to meet as he dealt with FEMA and other agencies trying to help him move forward with his life. The effects and memories of the events of that one dark night will be with Brian for the rest of his life.”


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