Watch it Friday: Hard Life in South Central Indiana

This Friday, June 12, there’s a program on WTIU 30 documenting poverty in our area and people’s use of resources to help them overcome poverty.

The show begins at 10 p.m. Here’s its description in the WTIU guide:

“On any given day, there are people in south-central Indiana who need assistance with food, shelter and employment. In many cases, family and friends are the answer to those needs. In other cases, short-term public assistance can help.

But often, people need intensive and on-going support as they work their way back to a stable, secure and safe life. This program, by filmmaker Jo Throckmorton, is the story of three people who are on a journey of recovery.”

I haven’t watched this before, so maybe someone who has can give us his or her thoughts on it. I see from a quick trip to the Google that it received First Place in the 2008 Best in Indiana Journalism Award for “Best Social Justice Reporting.”


5 thoughts on “Watch it Friday: Hard Life in South Central Indiana”

  1. I recorded the show and finally was able to watch the entire show last night. Good stuff. Wish more people could see it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  2. What’s the deal. I set my DVR and got a program about Indiana limestone. Do you know when it might be on again?

  3. Hi Sally. This was on two Fridays ago, not last Friday. I’m guessing that was the problem. I’ll try to find out when it will be shown again.

  4. So far I can’t find another scheduled broadcast of Hard Life in South Central Indiana. But here’s another locally produced show on WTIU 30 relating to the needs of low-income people:

    IN Focus: Diversity
    Thursday, June 25 at 8pm; Friday, June 26 at 10pm

    A proposal before President Obama encourages the hiring and training of minorities, women, and low-income residents to work on projects, funded by the economic stimulus package. More than one-sixth of Hoosiers are minorities …. And it’s their concerns our in-studio panel will address as we put “diversity” in focus.

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