SCCAP featured on WRTV 6 news

Energy Assistance Program Coordinator Mary Zimmerman did a great job yesterday in talking to Channel 6 about the need for the fans the station donated to SCCAP. You can check out the news broadcast with Mary’s comments at this link at the IndyChannel.com.

Here’s what Mary had to say to the WRTV viewers who donated money to buy the fans:

“I wish that they could see the families that they help because it’s terrible that some can get teary-eyed for a fan. But we have that happen because they really do need this assistance and they are so grateful for that help.”


6 thoughts on “SCCAP featured on WRTV 6 news”

  1. Mary’s so talented and speaking quick on her feet! I think she actually brought tears to my eyes. Good job to both Mary and Edward for picking up the fans!!

  2. I was impressed with how Mary conducted herself in front of the camera! She said exactly the right thing to touch peoples’ hearts. Great job : ))

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