End near for Atlanta public housing projects

MSNBC.com has a story about Atlanta soon becoming the first major U.S. city to eliminate all of its large public housing projects.

The demolition of large low-income public housing projects in cities across the county has been undertaken in an effort to reduce crime, dangerous living conditions and a cycle of poverty that many feel can be exacerbated by concentrating large numbers of low-income people together.

But as MSNBC.com reports, “advocates of the poor worry that not enough subsidized homes remain, and thousands of families are being dumped out onto the street.”    

So what are your thoughts on the federal government’s initiatives to tear down large public housing projects and replace them, partially, with mixed-income projects and Section 8 vouchers?


2 thoughts on “End near for Atlanta public housing projects”

  1. Wow! That is a huge question! Vouchers do need to be supplied to replace each and every housing unit that will demolished and there must be enough affordable housing in the community to offer the families being displaced. (not dumps) Mixed housing is a good thing, however many neighborhoods still have the NIMBY attitude whether they think they do or not. (Not In My Back Yard)
    My thoughts are – it can’t be done as easily as it seems. The issue is extremely complex as all of the human beings involved. What looks good on paper can be very different in reality.
    I think everyone should have the opportunity to live where they want to live.
    I hope it works out.
    Keep us updated as it moves along.

  2. If the people are given opportunities for affordable housing, then this could be a positive. Families could develop networks for work, childcare, and schools that would benefit all of society. Children could learn skills from their neighborhood to help them challenge the negative patterns in their and start reaching for their goals.

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