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Head Start parents weigh in on Obama speech

Two parents of SCCAP Head Start children shared their opinions about President Barack Obama’s health care speech with The Herald-Times last night.

Here’s what those parents had to say –

Vanity Benberry, Indiana University senior:

My initial reaction to President Obama’s plan is (that it is) in the best interest of the American people. Everyone that is a citizen of the US deserves health care and they need it now, not tomorrow. We need cheaper, more efficient health care that is available for everyone who wants it. The government public option seems like a great idea (for those) who can’t get healthcare through other means. I personally have health care through my father’s employer, but co-pays are expensive, providers are hard to find, and medication costs are high. I would rather have Medicaid or a public option that is cheaper. I have a condition that requires me to go to the doctor frequently, buy medication, and get my blood drawn every couple of months. When buying my medication, I don’t use my insurance, I have to pay to get my blood drawn, and I have to go to Indy for appointments. I’m a college student and it’s hard to manage these rising costs and I believe Obama is working to find the best means for me and the rest of America to be able to afford to go to the doctor and get the services we need to stay healthy.

Dennisha Hicks, student at Ivy Tech Community College:

I just feel his idea is a great idea. Everyone should have some kind of medical or at least be able to buy into medical. He explained his case very well.

I have four children and when they get older, life might take them — you never know, they might not be able to afford health care — so I want know that they will at least have access to it. My 3-year-old son will grow up some day to be a man, and we know it’s more difficult for men to get Medicare.

For those who have subscriptions, you can read the comments of other local people about Obama’s speech and health care plan at HeraldTimesOnline.com.


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