Economic Survival Fair to be held Thursday at Ivy Tech

SCCAP will be one of more than 20 organizations participating in an Economic Survival Fair tomorrow, Oct. 8, at the Indiana Center for Life Sciences at Ivy Tech.

The fair is intended to help people manage their lives in this difficult economy. Some of the information booths will include: Energy, Housing, Food & Poverty Solutions; Budgeting, Financial Literacy and Financial Freed; Resume Interviewing Tips; Computer Literacy and GED Support; Healthcare and Insurance Options; Undergraduate Degree and Certificate Programs; Small Business Funding Opportunities; Employment, Transportation & Other Solutions for the Aging; Theraeutic Justice: Integrating into Society and Volunteering: Benefits for Job Hunters.

There will also be workshops on Strategies for Managing Stress, Career Assessments, Interviewing Tips, Credit Repairing Strategies, Small Business Loan Guidelines, Responsible Ownership: Foreclosure Prevention and Job Search Assistance.

SCCAP staff at the event will include Mary Zimmerman of the Energy Assistance Program and Genese Parker and Tom Kenning of the Circles Initiative.

If you need transportation assitance to attend, call Rural Transit at 844-1010 or 876-1079.


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