Stimulus money allows weatherization to expand

The money received in the recent federal stimulus grant is being put to good use by the SCCAP’s weatherization program.

Bryan Berkley, the program’s manager, said the new money will enable SCCAP to provide service to more than 100 new homes, more than doubling the approximately 90 homes they have weatherized in past years.

To meet the high demand, the office has also been able to hire four new auditors—Andy Hoff, Frank Peacock, Jason Hickman, and most recently, Dave Pankoski—as well as a full and a part time housing program assistants.

Weatherization inspects the homes of low income families to help correct energy loss issues and help them save on energy costs. Though Berkley said the work is not often noticeable cosmetically, it makes a huge difference to residents.

Berkley said that homes are first inspected for health and safety concerns, such as gas leaks. Energy auditors then come to each home to assess where energy is being lost and what needs to be done to conserve energy better, such as adding insulation or fixing duct work.

Look out for another update with the full story on these auditors soon!


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