Need for energy assistance is high

It’s not hard to see that these are difficult times from looking at the throngs of people seeking help with their home heating bills every day at the South Central Community Action Program.

In the first two weeks of this winter’s Energy Assistance Program, SCCAP has served 1,073 households with heating assistance and 307 households with crisis assistance. We appear to be seeing clients at a faster pace than last year when we saw about a 10 percent increase in clients from the previous year.  

Kudos to all of the staff who serve clients in the Energy Assistance Program! We know that you’ve been very busy and working extremely hard to help as many people as quickly as you can, especially with the early cold weather we’ve been experiencing.  

For those who’d like more information about the Energy Assistance Program or to schedule an appointment to apply for assistance, here is the contact information: 

Monroe County – 339-3447, Morgan County – 342-1518, Owen County – 829-2279, Brown County – 988-6636.


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