Six simple ways to save energy at home

Along with helping people with their utility bills and making energy efficiency improvements to homes, the South Central Community Action Program also provides education to clients on how to use less energy in their homes.

So it’s always good to see others spreading the word on saving energy at home. Here’s a pretty good list of energy-saving tips available today at

One tip that I’ve been meaning to implement, but haven’t yet, is to install a programmable thermostat. Another tip, that I didn’t know about, was the significant energy savings you can achieve by washing your clothes in cold water when they aren’t very dirty. Maybe we better sign me up for that SCCAP energy education workshop!

Related story: A grandmother’s $745 electric bill last winter and a program to reduce her future energy use.  

And here’s more ways to save money at home from – A month of money-saving tips, including one today on how to save a lot of money in buying firewood: Hire a wood cutter. 


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