I knew there was a reason I love Ben & Jerry’s

And it’s not just the Chunky Monkey or Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz.

My reason now is an organization, TrueMajority, that advocates greater investment in programs to reduce poverty, particularly Head Start and efforts to feed children living in poverty. TrueMajority was founded by Ben Cohen, also a co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s. For those who support Head Start, you might want to check out an animated video of him in which he uses stacks of Oreo cookies to compare U.S. military spending with spending for Head Start and other programs to help families move out of poverty: http://www.truemajority.org/oreos 

Also, you can check out the organization’s blog at http://www.truemajority.org/aggressiveprogressive/

True Majority
From the True Majority blog


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