Head Start, Monroe County

Head Start Council of Involved Families elects officers

The SCCAP Head Start program held a training session for Council of Involved Families representatives Saturday from 10-1:30. 

During the meeting, several current and former representatives on the Council helped to guide a discussion about the role of new representatives on the Council.  The Council held elections for the offices of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, and also said goodbye and thank you to Vanessa McClary and Veronica Richardson, two representatives who had served the limit of three terms.  

Thirteen representatives attended the meeting, which is a great turnout.

While the Council meeting was being held upstairs at SCCAP, Head Start staff and  community volunteers helped out with childcare, playing Halloween Bingo, making a “spooky” trail mix and other activities. We thank the volunteers for their time! We also thank Bloomington Sandwich Company for generously providing lunch.

The officers elected Saturday were: Chair – Diana Powell, Vice Chair – Ashley Perkins, Secretary – Christie Moore, Treasurer – Lisa Tamewitz

For the list of representatives for each SCCAP Head Start site, click here: Council of Involved Families

We’ve provided some information below about the purposes and activities of the Council of Involved Families from Parent Involvement Coordinator Bethany Terry, who also provided the information for this report on Saturday’s meeting. Thanks, Bethany!

The Council of Involved Families is a group of Head Start family and community members who are interested in taking an active role in the planning and direction of the Head Start program. We meet on the 3rd Monday of the month to discuss Head Start policies and issues, and to plan family events.  The CIF is active in the community and has done fundraisers and clothing/supply drives to support Head Start families.  Here is a short piece of our bylaws that sums up the purpose of the Council of Involved Families:

 1.  To provide direct experience for Council members to expand their leadership skills.

2.  To serve as a link for all Head Start families.

3.  To serve as a link between public and private organizations, the Grantee Board of Directors and the community.

4.  To have the opportunity to initiate suggestions and ideas for program improvements and to be informed about actions taken by the program.

5.  To plan, coordinate and organize agency-wide activities for parents with the assistance of Head Start staff.

6.  To recruit volunteer services from parents, community residents and community organizations. Mobilizes these resources to meet Head Start needs.

Some recent projects include planning and support for the playground projects over the summer, the Shoe Savers Shoe Drive that generated over 75 shoes for HS families, making volunteer posters for each classroom, and planning and organizing the Winter Carnival last January.


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