Head Start

Head Start settles into fall, gets ready for expansion

playgroundAs students are settling in and making pumpkin projects, the Head Start program is preparing for some changes.

Director of Head Start Shirley Stumpner said moving from the summer to fall, when most programs start back up, has been busy but relatively smooth.

At the beginning of the year, she said, staff spends a lot of time trying to come up with a final roster as students come and go, as well as trying to integrate new and old students into the classes.

She also said they have been sorting out several staff changes due to leave and hiring subs.

Additionally, all students were tested for hearing, vision, and other developmental delays in the first few weeks so the proper amount of support could be obtained.

Still, just as all this is beginning to die down, Head Start is planning an expansion.

The program has recently received grants for a new bus, which will arrive in December, as well as for new, age-appropriate playground equipment. See a drawing of the new Lakeview playground equipment by clicking here: Lakeview playground 09

More importantly, the program has received a grant to expand its offerings, which will allow it to serve 32 new children year-round, with transportation. It will also allow the program to hire several new employee positions.

These new classes will have hours that will make it easier for working families.

The expansion comes from a growing demand and waitlist for a similar program, and Stumpner said the goal is to help better serve the Head Start families.


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