Safety-Net is back

November Safety-Net

Safety-Net (PDF of new issue: SF Nov 2009) is a quarterly multi-agency newspaper sponsored by the South Central Community Action Program (SCCAP) that addresses issues confronted by those in our community experiencing difficulties related to poverty, lack of or potential loss of housing, under-employment or lack of employment, inadequate health care, as well as other needs that can be addressed by a caring community.

The goal of the newspaper is to foster a positive interaction within our community between people that have resources that they can share with those who have fewer resources and want to cross the bridge to a better life. Such positive interactions already exist in our community, and one of the goals of this publication is to increase awareness of what is being done, and what must be done, and also to foster more caring interactions between our community members.

 Readers will learn what SCCAP and the other local social service/non-profit agencies, the city of Bloomington and Monroe County governments do to help those in need, and how you can volunteer to help.

You can check out the 16-page November edition by clicking here: SF Nov 2009.

There are stories about all of SCCAP’s program on pages 5-7.  Five thousand hard copies of this newspaper will be available at SCCAP and other locations around the community later this week.

We give our thanks to Safety-Net Editor David White and page designer Evan Wade! They donated many hours of their time to make this publication possible.  We also thank Mayor Mark Kruzan and others who contributed articles to the November issue, which is focused on poverty and homelessness. Also, thanks to Joe Lee for his editorial cartoons.


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