A Circles Thanksgiving

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Circles Thanksgiving last Thursday at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church.  

More than 100 people ate a delicious traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, pies and more. We give our thanks to the following organizations and people who made the event possible:

Clear Creek Christian Church donated 15 turkeys – one for each of the 15 Circle leaders to take home and cook for Thanksgiving.

Voices of Hope, a choral group at Indiana University, performed three songs after dinner. They also held a food drive on campus and provided bags of side items that are traditionally eaten as part of a Thanksgiving meal to each of the 15 Circle Leaders

 Jo Gilbertson, a member of the Circles Guiding Coalition decorated the room and set the tables. She and four St. Paul’s Catholic Church members cooked much of the meal. They and Wykita Walker, Erica Thompson, Marcy Wenzler, Katie Toler, Angie Thorpe, Shane Springer all peeled a lot of potatoes, served the meal, and helped clean up.

In addition, Patrick Aleer and Will Murphy each bought and cooked a turkey, and delivered it to the Circles meeting. Wal-Mart and Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack made contributions for the meal.  

Thanks, everyone!


2 thoughts on “A Circles Thanksgiving”

  1. Thanks to everyone who made this a special evening: Youth Community volunteers and interns; St. Paul’s, I.U. students, and other cooks and kitchen volunteers; our Guiding Coalition, particularly Jo Gilbertson who coordinated the food preparation, arrived at 11:00 a.m. to decorate and cook and STILL maintained incredible enthusiasm(!); Clear Creek Christian Church, Trinity Episcopal and all the other turkey donors and turkey cooks; Voices of Hope for your beautiful, uplifting voices AND the food bags for families; all of our special guests from Muncie, Evansville, Indianapolis, Terre Haute and Scott County – it was sheer pleasure to share the evening with you; Circle Leaders and Allies for your spirit and your ever-ready reciprocity; and to this incredible SCCAP/Circles staff – Todd, Doug, Christine, Linda, Tom, Genese – I am so proud of this staff, and so thankful for every member of the Circles community. By sharing the unique resources that we each have to offer, we are rich (yes, rich – just look at little Abigail’s face – aren’t those lovely eyes a treasure?), spirited, and vibrant! Who says we can’t end poverty?!!

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