Great job, SCCAP Weatherization staff!

The South Central Community Action Program brought in lunch for its Weatherization staff today to celebrate the accomplishments of that staff in weatherizing 37 homes with Recovery Act funds.

Given the need to hire and train new staff, this wasn’t an easy accomplishment. SCCAP and other Indiana organizations didn’t get approval to spend these stimulus act funds until the last week of August.

Our Weatherization staff (pictured above) worked extremely hard to exceed its goal, required by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, of 36 homes  in Monroe County to receive energy efficiency improvements by the end of November. From what we’ve heard, SCCAP was one of just four of the 30 Indiana organizations that received Recovery Act Weatherization funds to meet its Nov. 30 goal.  

Great job, SCCAP Weatherization staff! You’ve still got a tough job ahead with a total of 145 homes to be weatherized with Recovery Act funds by the end of May, but we know you can do it.


4 thoughts on “Great job, SCCAP Weatherization staff!”

  1. Way to go!! Congrats to a great team. 113 homes sounds daunting, but I have great faith in all of you. 🙂

  2. Hi from Washington, where the National Community Action Foundation is using the story of your success (and the pictures of your trucks with the ‘Recovery ” logo, to prove that Weatherization is the “Yes We Can!” program to deliver jobs and efficiency. thanks for making the national network look good!
    Meg Power
    National Community Action Foundation

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