SCCAP applies for City CDBG funds to expand parking lot

Here’s an update I should have provided earlier in the week – SCCAP submitted an application for City of Bloomington CDBG funding last Friday to help pay for an addition of 15 spaces in the parking lot at our Bloomington office.

As anyone who visits that office knows, SCCAP has a shortage of parking. It’s often difficult to find a space and as a result, we have cars parked in areas not intended for parking. This creates potentially dangerous situations, particularly with Head Start buses having to squeeze through narrow spaces and 70 Head Start children served at this location every day.

In addition, with the elderly and disabled composing a large part of the clientele that SCCAP serves, it is both difficult and dangerous when they have to park on streets away from our office.  

The next step in the CDBG application process is to make a presentation at a public hearing on Jan. 7. We’ll keep you posted on the status of this application.


1 thought on “SCCAP applies for City CDBG funds to expand parking lot”

  1. Thanks to Chris, Doug, and Todd for looking into this and spearheading it for us. As we all know, parking around here can be a nightmare so thank you for looking into possibilies for us.

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