Great news for Section 8 clients

We received some great news today from the state office that oversees SCCAP’s Section 8 funding and vouchers.  

Since SCCAP opened its Section 8 wait list in September, we’ve been able to add 72 households to the program in our f0ur-county service area. Those households have received a Section 8 voucher that gives them a federal subsidy to their rent to make a decent home affordable to them.  

We previously had been told by the state that we were not going to be able to provide any more new Section 8 vouchers after Dec. 15 (yesterday), but we learned today that at least for now we will be able to keep providing vouchers to families on our wait list.  We currently have the following number of households on wait lists:  Brown 9, Owen 4, Morgan 26, and Monroe 54. 

If we get through those wait lists and are still allowed to keep providing additional vouchers, it’s possible that we’ll open our wait lists again. We’ll keep you updated about that possibility.


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