SCCAP presents employee awards at Winter Celebration

Linda Patton

SCCAP presented its annual employee awards Saturday at its Winter Celebration at KRC Banquents and Catering. The winners, along with the remarks read at Saturday’s event, included:

Shining Star Award – Director of Operations Chris Myers

“This year’s winner of the Shining Star Award is Director of Operations Chris Myers. The focus of this award is on internal improvement. Chris is a terrific example of someone who exemplifies the criteria for this award. She shows initiative with whatever needs to be done and has a can-do attitude. She is a positive person who is always willing to help other employees. And she is exceptionally dependable.

“Chris was a leader this year in guiding the Weatherization Department to a very successful year. This department, which Chris oversees, was one of the few in the entire state to meet its first quarter goal for the number of homes weatherized with Recovery Act funds. Chris has also volunteered to take a leadership role in the Brown County long-term recovery from the flooding of 2008. In addition, she played an important role in managing SCCAP opening its wait list for Section 8 vouchers for the first time in a couple of years, and she has taken on projects such as planning for more parking at our Bloomington office and finding and eliminating the sewer gas leaking into our building.

“For all of these things and more, we’re proud to present this year’s Shining Star Award to Chris Myers.”

Making a Difference Award – Circles Coach Linda Patton and IDA Coordinator Kelly Walter

“We have two winners this year of the Making a Difference Award, which recognizes staff who have made a positive difference for agency clients and families, and have performed exemplary work.

“One of the winners is IDA Coordinator Kelly Walter. Kelly, as has been noted by state officials, runs the best Individual Development Accounts program in the state. This program has been essential in the lives of many people in our four-county area, allowing them to buy homes, start businesses or go back to school. Kelly currently manages more than 240 IDA bank accounts in one of the largest programs in the state. She has shown her strong commitment to making a difference for IDA participants. In the other half of Kelly’s job doing accounting work for the agency, she also does outstanding work, with a real nose to the grindstone work ethic.

“Our other winner is Circles Coach Linda Patton. Just being around Linda for a few minutes, you can see her deep commitment to helping the low-income Circle Leaders who are working to make a permanent transition out of poverty. She is constantly talking with them, helping them solve problems, and always sounds like she’s talking to a personal friend. With her outgoing personality and big heart, she spends many extra hours helping the Circle Leaders with whatever is happening in their lives, whether it’s a car that suddenly needs a new transmission or a family problem. In keeping with the mission of the Circles Initiative, Linda encourages the Circle Leaders to take ownership of these situations and develop a plan, while she is a resource to assist them. She also provides opportunities for them to contribute to the community and help others, as they are being helped themselves.

Above and Beyond Award – Director of Head Start Shirley Stumpner

“Our winner of the Above and Beyond Award is Director of Head Start Shirley Stumpner. This award is just as it sounds. It’s for a staff member who goes above and beyond, for instance by taking on new projects, by enhancing the agency’s image, by creating new programs, or by increasing agency funding to serve our clients.

“Shirley has done all of these things in the past year. In particular, she has played a critical role in securing funding for major expansions of SCCAP’s Head Start program. Her efforts have allowed SCCAP to open two new classrooms for its existing Head Start program and to create a new Early Head Start program that will serve children from birth to three years old. She and her staff spent many extra hours to plan and put together grant applications for these programs, as well as for a new bus, a play structure and SCCAP’s Fatherhood Initiative. These are major contributions to our agency that will have a positive impact on many lives in Monroe County.

“We thank Shirley for going above and beyond in 2009.”

In addition to these annual awards, some of SCCAP’s employees got together to present a special award this year:

True Leader Award – Executive Director Todd Lare

“The inscription on this award states that, ‘A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. One does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the quality of their actions and the integrity of their intent. In the end, leaders are like eagles…they don’t flock, you find them one at a time.’

The recipient of this award has worked effortlessly in turning the agency around by improving the professionalism and productivity in many areas of the agency, especially in the financial management area, which is critical to the operation of the agency and our reputation in the community, as well as with our funding sources.

Our agency’s mission statement states that “we exist to provide opportunities for low-income citizens to move toward personal and economic independence.” Still in the early stages of it’s development, the Circles Initiative, under the direction of tonight’s recipient, has redirected the agency back to our mission statement where it allows SCCAP to truly live and achieve its mission of helping people to become economically and socially self-sufficient.

When federal or state policies have not been in the best interest of low-income people in Indiana, this recipient has publicly stood up for our agency and the clients that we serve. Whether working with public officials, funding sources or agency staff, this recipient has stood up for his principles and consistently strived to do the right thing, even when he knew it would not be popular or easy.

It is with our sincere gratitude that we present our Executive Director, Todd Lare, with the True Leader Award for his service to the agency.”

Congratulations to each of you for these much-deserved honors!

Chris Myers
Chris Myers receives the Shining Star Award

We’ll have more about the Winter Celebration Tuesday on Inside SCCAP, but for now, we’d like to give our thanks to the Culture Team for its outstanding work in organizing this event. The picture below shows the beautiful room where the dinner was held.


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