SCCAP Receptionist Shelba Melton dies

UPDATE 2/15: We have heard from Shelba’s family that the visitation has been postponed until tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, 2010 from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm.  This is due to the weather and that the roads in the area of the church are closed.  The address for the church is RR 4 Box 386 Bloomfield and the directions are listed as: on the triangle of 54/45/445.  The church is on the 54 Segment near the 45 intersection, past County Road 50N heading south on Highway 54.   

The agency will be closed to the public in the afternoon on Tuesday so that any staff member who would like to attend the visitation services may do so.  All Head Start classrooms will run as normal.

UPDATE 2/13: The public visitation for Shelba Melton will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday at Little Cincinnati Church in Bloomfield. SCCAP will be closed to the public during the visitation, as well as immediately before and after the visitation, to allow employees to attend. We’ll have more details here about that on Monday morning. Funeral services will be private with only the family attending.

Also, look for a story about Shelba in Sunday’s newspaper. Laura Lane of the H-T has written a story about Shelba that is expected to run on Sunday.


It is with great sadness that the South Central Community Action Program announces the death of Shelba Melton, our receptionist. Shelba was, in many ways, the face of SCCAP, where for 34 years she was the first point of contact with tens of thousands of low-income people seeking assistance.

Shelba treated her coworkers and clients like family. She earned their respect and will be sadly missed by all.

Once we are made aware of the details for Shelba’s service, we will share them here.

Click on the following links for some photos of Shelba that were taken over the years she worked at SCCAP: DOC001 DOC002 DOC003 DOC004 DOC005 DOC006 DOC007 DOC008 

DOC009 DOC010 DOC011 DOC012


1 thought on “SCCAP Receptionist Shelba Melton dies”

  1. Shelba will be greatly missed. She always had a smile for anyone who walked through the front doors and, no matter who you were, a Congressman or a homeless person, she didn’t put on airs. She treated everyone the same. It won’t be the same around there without her anymore. Rest in peace Shelba.

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