Lola Debro honored as Unsung Hero

Long-time SCCAP Board Member Lola Debro has been named an Unsung Hero for 2009-10 in the fourth annual effort by Bill C. Brown Associates and AM 1370 WGCL to recognize unsung heroes in our community.

Lola will be honored daily for 10 days in a one-minute profile on WGCL. She will be part of a 20-week series in which Bill C. Brown and WGCL will be telling listeners about unsung heroes who have made our community a better place by giving unselfishly for the benefit of others without seeking recognition or reward.

As part of being honored, Lola was given the opportunity to select a charity or organization to receive a $100 donation on her behalf. She chose the South Central Community Action Program.

Thank you, Lola, for this donation and congratulations for this richly deserved honor you have received. 

We appreciate Bill C. Brown Associates and AM 1370 WGCL for honoring the Unsung Heroes in our community.


1 thought on “Lola Debro honored as Unsung Hero”

  1. Thank you Lola for your dedication and commitment to the community and to our agency. We need more people like you involved and helping to bring about positive change.

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