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Weatherization exceeds goal once again

The Weatherization team once again met and exceeded their goal of homes completed with Recovery Act funds.

Every program around the state was given a goal based on the amount of funding it received. With SCCAP’s funding, the team was expected to complete 36 homes from December 1 to February 28.

They completed 55.

Director of Operations Chris Myers said that the goal of 36 completions would have left the team with more than half of their overall number to be completed in the next two months. Because of this, the team set an internal goal of 55 instead.

Myers said the whole staff has really pulled together to reach this, including the contractors, auditors, and clerical staff.

“I think we’re blessed with a staff that not only works hard, but works well together,” she said. “This makes all the difference.”

 In order to celebrate, Myers said she’ll be bringing the staff a Mexican-themed lunch. She said she also has a tradition of rewarding the auditor with the most completions, but this month poses a problem, as 4 auditors tied for the top spot.

This success builds from last period, in which Weatherization also met its goal. It was one of just four of the 30 Indiana organizations to do so.

Weatherization staff must now reset to complete their remaining 53 homes within the next two months. Keep up the good work!


3 thoughts on “Weatherization exceeds goal once again”

  1. I’m sure we’ll be going after all four of counties again this next stimulus grant round, whenever that comes our way. Yes, congratulations to them all: Rick, Terry, Andy, Jason, Frank, Dave, Bryan, Cherly Ann, Marilyn and Dee. Also our contractors: Heflin, Mobile Home Specialists, MHHAC, Quality, Kretsinger Investments, J&J Grenier, Stumpner, Weathermasters to name the main ones! The last two months will be tough, but the staff has proven it can do it!

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