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State recommends increased funding for SCCAP to expand its service area for weatherization of homes with stimulus money

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is recommending that SCCAP receive $1,729,957 in the second round of ARRA Weatherization funding to serve Brown, Monroe and Owen counties.

This funding, which still has to be approved by IHCDA’s Board of Directors, would allow an expansion of the number of homes and counties that SCCAP weatherizes with these Recovery Act funds. During the first round of funding, SCCAP received $899,000 to make energy efficiency improvements to 145 homes in Monroe County. SCCAP had applied to serve Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties in the first round of funding, but was approved to serve only Monroe County.

The $1.7 million in second-round funding would allow SCCAP to make energy efficiency improvements to 275 homes in Brown, Owen and Monroe counties. This would include 55 homes in Brown County, 152 in Monroe County and 68 in Owen County.     

IHCDA’s Round 2 recommendations  for organizations across the state are provided below. There will be a public hearing at IHCDA at 9 a.m. on May 27 to discuss these recommendations. Public comments are currently being accepted and can be emailed to or may be sent to Chelsey Wininger’s attention at IHCDA.

Respondent Amount Awarded
Action, Inc. of Delaware and Grant Counties $800,000
Affordable Housing Corporation of Marion $349,000
Area IV Agency on Aging $1,074,188
Community Action of Northeast Indiana $2,888,750
Community Action of Southern Indiana $1,005,000
Community Action Program of Western Indiana $2,252,509
Community Action Program of Evansville $1,235,000
Community and Family Services, Inc. $978,359
Tri-Cap $1,928,825
Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Co-op $5,815,569
Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corp. $1,007,000
Housing Opportunities of Warsaw $645,656
Human Services, Inc. $1,216,740
Indiana Builders Association $22,255,576
Interlocal Community Action Program $754,461
Lincoln Hills Development Corporation $1,271,781
JobSource $349,990
Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corp. $300,000
Miami County YMCA $1,096,095
North Central Community Action Agencies $832,000
Northwest Indiana Community Action Agency $4,055,920
Ohio Valley Opportunities $1,471,277
Pace Community Action Agency $863,741
People Working Cooperatively $1,656,808
REAL Services $3,268,119
Sheet Metal Industry Admin. Services $0
South Central Community Action Program $1,729,957
Southeast Indiana Economic Opportunities Corp. $320,000
Southeast Neighborhood Development $330,000
Western Indiana Community Action Agency $861,840
Westside Community Development Corp. $250,000
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. $600,000
Total $63,464,161

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