Free household items today for SCCAP clients

Between 4 and 6 this evening (Wednesday, May 26), SCCAP will be giving away FREE items such as clothing, bedding, mini-refrigerators, futons, microwaves and various other items to clients of SCCAP.  No staff please.

Clients need to come to the Bloomington Storage facility on 17th Street, which is directly behind Hoosier Liquors & where Buffa Louie’s used to be.

If coming west on 17th Street, they will need to turn left into the alleyway just north of Hoosier Liquor.  If coming east on 17th they will, of course, need to turn right into the alley way.

The storage unit number is Z8.

Clients need to be prepared to take their items with them & to have someone with them that can lift anything heavy. Sorry, but we are unable to provide help for that.

Any questions, please get in touch with Beth Pankoski, 339-3447, ext. 233, before 3:30. After that time, Beth will be at the storage unit.


3 thoughts on “Free household items today for SCCAP clients”

  1. I don’t remember what sccap is can you e-mail me, please before 2:00pm so if I desided to come down I can make sure this e-mail was for me. Thank you Marilyn

  2. I tried calling the number you had down to call and there was no one there my the name of Beth Pankoski, so how can I get a hold of SCCAP before the free stuff is gone?

  3. Marilyn,

    That is the correct number and extension for Beth. I just tried it myself to make sure it is working. Just call 339-3447 and when you start to hear the recording with all of the options for different departments and people, dial Beth’s extension, which is 233.

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