Hello readers, my name is Alex Costakis.  I am the communications and development intern at SCCAP for this summer.  Non profits and community building have always been a possible career path for me, so I came to SCCAP for some experience.  While I’m here I’ll be writing a few pieces for the blog, revising and updating press releases, reviewing grant opportunities, and launching an outreach initiative with the area’s Latino community.

I recently graduated from IU with degrees in Linguistics and Spanish.  During my four years here I have participated in several activism and community building groups.  While studying abroad in Spain last year I even spent time volunteering with a community action program in Madrid.

When I leave Bloomington at the end of the summer, I am moving to Spain to take a position as a language and culture assistant.  I will spend the year working with young students in the Spanish region of Galicia, serving as a direct resource on the English language and American culture.

Until then, I am looking forward to learning more about SCCAP’s work in the community and contributing what I can to the effort.

Keep an eye out for new posts on the blog!


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