Next steps for Operation Back to School

We want to let everyone who registered for Operation Back to School know that you’ll be hearing from SCCAP soon with more information about your status and the process for picking out school supplies and clothing. You will receive a letter and/or phone call this week.

Here’s some great news for everyone who is eligible for Operation Back to School and who applied for the program by the deadline last Friday — because we did not exceed the limit of 3,000 children who can be served by this program, all of the eligible children who are registered will get the opportunity to pick out $100 in school supplies and clothing at a local store.

We’d also like to thank the SCCAP employees and their helpers who had to hustle to get the word out and to register more than 2,200 children in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties for Operation Back to School. In the Bloomington office, the crowd in our lobby was almost overflowing for much of the day Friday, but the sign-ups still went smoothly with a number of staff members and temporary workers helping out.


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