Operation Back to School a hit at Target

About 520 children received help with buying their Back to School supplies and clothing Monday at Target in Bloomington. The event was quite a success with many parents saying that this assistance will make a big impact in helping with their family budgets as their kids go back to school.

“This is a huge relief,” one parent said. “I’ve been worried for weeks about how we’d pay for everything. You can tell right here today how many families are needing help. We really appreciate this.”

There were some long lines at the registers that were set aside for Operation Back to School participants, but Target staff and the participating families did a great job of getting everyone through the line as quickly as possible and staying in a good humor about the crowd of people.

We want to express a big thanks to everyone at Target for their help and especially to the store management for giving us a 10 percent discount on everything purchase to stretch the Back to School dollars a little further.

Operation Back to School will resume this afternoon at the Walmart in Spencer, followed by stops at the Bloomington Walmart Wednesday and the Martinsville Walmart Thursday. Families must have registered by the July 23 deadline in order to participate.


1 thought on “Operation Back to School a hit at Target”

  1. This was one very long, stressful project but at the end of it was tremendous satisfaction that so many children were helped. I’m glad that I was able to play a part in it. Great work Taine!!

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