Here’s what’s happening

Here are some notes from today’s SCCAP general staff meeting in which managers from each department give a report on current activities.

  • Mail-in applications for the SCCAP winter Energy Assistance Program will be mailed out late this week. The official start of this winter’s EAP Program when people can come to SCCAP to apply for assistance with the winter heating bills will be the first week in October.
  • SCCAP currently has quite a few open positions. For more information on those positions, check out the job listings tab at www.insccap.org
  • The Weatherization Department is wrapping up its very successful performance during the first round of  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding with about 160 additional homes weatherized with stimulus funds. It is also off to a good start in the second round of funding with 37 homes that have received energy efficiency improvements, which puts SCCAP in good shape for meeting its goal of 44 homes completed by the end of the quarter.
  • By the end of today, Head Start will have completed its orientation meetings for 150 new families in the program. SCCAP’s enrollment for 3 to 5 year olds this fall is 269 children.    
  • SCCAP is getting closer to opening its Early Head Start program at Jack’s Defeat Creek on SR 46. We hope to know where we stand with state officials approving our facility by the end of the week. After that, there will be some additional reviews by local officials that we hope will move quickly.
  • SCCAP will have new signs with its new logo at its offices soon. The sign for the Bloomington main office should be installed next week.  
  • SCCAP’s request for a zoning variance to expand the parking lot at its main office will be presented to the City of Bloomington Board of Zoning Appeals this Thursday evening. The variance is required to expand the number of spaces in the parking lot beyond what was originally approved when the office was built in the early 90s. The request has a positive recommendation from City planning staff, so we are hopeful that the BZA will approve the request, which would allow us to add 15 spaces to our overcrowded parking lot using Jack Hopkins funds from the City.
  • SCCAP’s Section 8 housing program is currently serving 350 families. The Section 8 program recently received an extra $6,100 in federal funds by meeting its goals for performance incentive money.
  • SCCAP has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from families who participated in its Operation Back to School program that helped about 3,400 K-12 students by providing $100 of school supplies and clothing. We are still working on expanding this initiative by purchasing hygiene kits and other items for students that have been requested by local schools.   

2 thoughts on “Here’s what’s happening”

  1. Here’s a correction on the weblink to the SCCAP job listings: http://www.insccap.org

    Also, just FYI, SCCAP will have a new website soon after many years with the current outdated website. You’ll see a lot of improvements and added features with the new website.

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