Head Start

Friday photos – Edition 1

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Thursday was just about like any other day at SCCAP’s Head Start program.

The children in these photos are among 269 who receive child care and development services every weekday at SCCAP’s Head Start sites across Monroe County.

On Thursday, this group of youngsters at the Lindbergh Head Start site had a day full of activities. They sang and danced, worked on a computer, talked about what day it is and how you can say hello in other languages and practiced identifying shapes, which is the theme of the week.

As they headed to the playground before their parents picked them up in late afternoon, Teacher Aide Rachel Taylor reminded them to be safe, gentle and kind. She talked with them about being ready for kindergarten the next year and they showed her how well they could line up to go outside.

When you talk with kindergarten teachers about kids who’ve gone through Head Start, one of the first things you hear is how obvious it is that the Head Start graduates are farther ahead than they would otherwise be in knowing how to act and work with other children in a classroom.

You could see that Thursday with the children at SCCAP. They worked quietly together in small groups at times, sharing the computer, for instance, or working together as they combined cornstarch and water to create a surprising mixture that looked like liquid to the eye but was actually a solid once you touched it.

Even out on the playground, where they ran and shouted happily, they took turns in using the slides and the tire swing, and in joyfully urging this SCCAP blogger/photographer to play tag with them because they knew he couldn’t possibly catch one of them, let alone all of them who tagged him.


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