Just for fun – Wednesday Woof

Let’s try something new, starting today. In addition to the weekly Tuesday News and Friday Photos features on Inside SCCAP, I’m adding something called Wednesday Woof.

On Wednesdays, I’ll post your pet photos. We have lots of animal lovers and pet owners at SCCAP and this will be a chance to share our four legged friends with each other.

So everyone – staff, board members, program participants, partner agency staff, family members and other friends and supporters of SCCAP – please send me your pet photos. You can email them to doug@insccap.org or send them to my cell phone at 812-369-1423.

Anything you send me today, I’ll post here. Whatever you send me later, I’ll post on upcoming Wednesdays. Please make sure to send me the pet’s name and your name.

I’ve started out today with the pets that my girlfriend, Julie, and I own. One of the photos is from a visit that Julie and I made to an amazingly dried up Griffy Lake this week with Murphy, a former racing greyhound from a track in Iowa. Murphy was formerly named Xtreme Barracuda in his racing days, but that hardly fits this gentle soul.

UPDATE: Thank you Christine and Jeanne for getting the ball rolling by giving us your pet photos!

The photos that Christine and Jeanne have provided include two beautiful old friends that have passed away, Titus and Boomer. Titus has an interesting story in that he was found outside the Head Start office at SCCAP, as if he was waiting on the children to get out of school.

When no owner could be located for Titus, Christine agreed to take him. He became a wonderful pet for many years. He lived to be at least 14 years old before passing away last July 4.

UPDATE 2: Check out Linda Patton’s pooches. We have already witnessed some pretty fun dog names today – from Christine’s Titus and Jeanne’s Boomer to Linda’s Moose and Wolfgang!

And I”ve just added another cutie – it’s Kathy Potts’ adorable little Rowdy.  He was once described as the heartbeat at Kathy’s feet!  

Please send in your pet photos when you get a chance. I heard today from a Head Start employee that she’ll send me a photo of a raccoon that has adopted her family, including trying to get on the school bus with her daughter a few days ago.

For anybody who missed them, here are last week’s SCCAP pets.


4 thoughts on “Just for fun – Wednesday Woof”

  1. They’re all such cuties!
    What a good idea to put a bit of something fun like this up on the blog. Come on people, send in your pet pics!!

  2. Why would you lump the cool cats in with the dirtbag dogs on Wednesday Woof? How about a Meow Monday just for us!

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