Biggest electric bill ever

With the warm weather during the past week, SCCAP hasn’t seen as many people seeking energy assistance as it surely will once it turns cold again.

Hopefully, we won’t see anybody with a bill quite as high as the one that shocked a mom in Georgia. This mom, Scarlett Hall, had pawned the title to her car last month to pay her electric bill, according to Can you imagine, then, receiving the bill shown below this month?

That’s $1,016,500,130.09 — more than a billion dollars —  that Cobb Energy billed the Hall family for its monthly electricity.  

When Mrs. Hall called Cobb Energy about her bill, a customer service representative at first couldn’t stop laughing, according to the story. But then she helped get the bill adjusted to a more reasonable amount, $287.

To read more about it, click here:


2 thoughts on “Biggest electric bill ever”

  1. Oh my!!! I wouldn’t have made it to the phone to call the electric company as I would have had a heart attack on the spot!

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