Tuesday News

Here are some of the highlights from today’s SCCAP General Staff Meeting:

The Circles Initiative urgently needs Allies. If you are interested in being an Ally or in getting more information, contact Linda Patton at lindap@insccap.org or 339-3447, ext. 206.

The Circles Initiative at SCCAP continues to draw attention from around the state and country. During a conference in Indianapolis last week, a group of people from many different states visited the Monroe County Circles Initiative Meeting in Bloomington to learn about how the local initiative. In addition, Circles Coordinator Linda Patton will be conducting a Bridges Out of Poverty training in Madison, Ind. next week to a statewide audience.

SCCAP’s Energy Assistance Program has so far approved 812 households for assistance with heating bills this winter, including 251 who needed crisis assistance. 

SCCAP will have fully staffed its new Early Head Start Program by Nov. 1. The agency has recently hired a couple of other positions in Head Start, as well as a new auditor in weatherization. SCCAP is still in the process of hiring a new coordinator for the Morgan County office and a family development specialist in the Owen County office.

SCCAP is currently working out the details of receiving an additional 40 slots for its Individual Development Account Program. assets, become self-sufficient, learn personal financial skills and improve their quality of life. For every $1 a participant saves in an IDA account, the State contributes an additional $3 for up to $900 a year. Many participants also receive a 3:1 match from the Federal Assets for Independence Act grant, creating a $6 match for every $1 saved.

SCCAP has received a draft of the strategic plan it is in the process of developing. At Tuesday’s meeting, goal owners – the people responsible for heading up a group working on each goal in the plan – were announced. We’ll provide more information about this soon.


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