Just for fun – Wednesday Woof Edition 2

Here’s this week’s edition of the pets of SCCAP.

Definitely some cuties again this Wednesday, including Annie, who went on a photo shoot last weekend. 

For those who don’t know Annie’s story, she was very emaciated when Cherly Ann Wilcoxon and Chris Myers recently rescued her as a stray. No owner could be located, but with the help of Bloomington Veterinary Hospital and Todd Lare, who has adopted her, she’s gained weight and is now healthy and happy.

Also, be sure to check out cute little Alvin, who’s the lastest addition to David and Beth Pankoski’s household.

As a bonus with Taine Watkin’s Shih Tsu, Alex, you also get to see his duck!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos this week. For everyone with pets who’d like to share them with others, please send me your pics by email to doug@insccap.org , by cell phone to 812-369-1423 or I can scan any photos that you bring to my office.

Also, if you missed last week’s SCCAP pets, here they are.


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