Friday Photos – Parking lot expansion impact

The photos above show the 15 new spaces added to SCCAP’s back and side parking lots at our Bloomington main office. This work was finished a couple of weeks ago. The back and side parking lots are now usually mostly full, but typically have a few empty spots for employees or Head Start parents, who enter at the side of the building.

Front parking lot at SCCAP

 This photo shows half of the front parking lot at SCCAP. During the winter energy assistance season last year, this parking lot was completely overfilled with cars. Energy assistance clients who use the front entrance had to park their cars in every available cranny, resulting in many vehicles that were illegally parked in the lot and along the street.

This was a dangerous and inconvenient situation, especially for senior citizens and people with disabilities. With thousands of people receiving energy assistance from SCCAP each winter, this situation was a major problem.

With the expansion of the back and side parking lots, there are actually open, legal spots intended for parking where our clients can park throughout the day this EAP season. What a change from a year ago!

We want to thank the Jack Hopkins Social Service Funding Committee and City Council at the City of Bloomington, which provided most of the funding for the parking lot expansions.


2 thoughts on “Friday Photos – Parking lot expansion impact”

  1. Hi, Doug
    I’m the father of Keith Buddrige, your new IT guru, and I live in Perth, Western Australia with wife, Annette. We subscribe to your blog so we can keep up to date with the fabulous work being done by you all over there in supporting people in need.

    I note you have a weekly blog featuring members’ dogs.

    As Keith has just got a cat for daughter, Elise, perhaps you could consider a weekly cat blog as well?

    Kind regards
    Annette and Roger Buddrige
    Perth Western Australia

  2. Hi (and G’Day!) Roger,

    Great to hear from you. We really enjoy having Keith as an addition to our staff and he’s already making a huge difference with our computer situation.

    I’ve been including the cats with the dogs on Wednesday Woof, but have been thinking of adding Monday Meow, as well. Maybe I should move forward with that.

    Thanks so much for writing to us and for reading the blog. I think it’s safe to say that you are our first Aussie readers!

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