Tuesday News: Energy Assistance Program busy

With the arrival of colder weather, this has been a busy week at the South Central Community Action Program with lots of people seeking assistance in paying their heating bills.

The Winter Energy Assistance Program has served 1,926 households already this season, providing $742,615 in assistance.  This is an average of $385 for each of the households receiving assistance in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties.

SCCAP has also provided $231,760 in crisis energy assistance to 674 households, an average of $344 per household.

With a reduction in funding, it is more likely that SCCAP will run out of energy assistance funding at some point this winter. For families who have not yet applied, you can schedule an appointment by calling 339-3447 in Monroe County (push 0 to get the appointments person), 988-6636 in Brown County, 342-1518 in Morgan County and 829-2279 in Owen County.


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