Everybody chips in on snowy day

With Bloomington blanketed in several inches of snow today, we’d like to thank all the people who have helped keep the business of helping people rolling today at the South Central Community Action Program. We appreciate your positive attitudes and camaraderie in making the best out of this slippery situation.

Before the doors at SCCAP opened to the public this morning, members of our weatherization staff chipped in to shovel our sidewalks so clients and customers would be safe. Kathy Potts of our Head Start staff, wearing her dashing wide-brimmed navy hat with chin strap, went above and beyond in brushing the snow off people’s cars that had accumulated since they’d arrived at our office.    

With a couple of cars stuck in the parking lots and hills around the main SCCAP office today, groups of staff went out and pushed them back onto the road. One car belonging to a Head Start parent needed staff members to stand on the back of it to get it rolling up the hills (pictured above).   

In the office’s front lobby, it was a busy day with many people visiting us to seek energy assistance. Much of Bloomington was pretty slow today, but not here. Many local people are struggling this winter and we’re glad to be able help them, particularly during this season of cold weather and high utility bills.


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