Update on Impact of Possible Government Shutdown on SCCAP staff and programs

UPDATE (posted Saturday): With Congress coming to an agreement on a budget to avoid a government shutdown late Friday night, SCCAP will be open l on Monday with all staff reporting as usual.


(Posted Friday afternoon) With the possibility of a government shutdown at midnight tonight, SCCAP still doesn’t have information on whether a shutdown would affect the agency’s programs and staff.

Currently, we have not had any direction from the State of Indiana on whether Community Action Agencies in the state will be closed in the event of a shutdown.  The state is not releasing any information as they, too, are holding out until midnight in the hopes of a resolution.

In the event that the government does shut down, and our agency is closed due to the shutdown, we will be notifying staff by the following methods:

  • Utilizing the “telephone tree” where department heads are notified and they, in turn, call their staff,
  • Posting updates on this blog,
  • Notifying local media.

If the agency is closed in the event of a shutdown, staff must remain away from the workplace unless and until you are told to return to work.  Also, if our agency is shutdown, staff will not be permitted to serve as an unpaid volunteer.  This means staff must not perform work for the agency from home or anywhere else, even if you have an agency cellphone or laptop or have remote access to the agency’s network.

If the agency is closed in the event of a shutdown, further communication regarding updates will be sent to staff via the above methods.

If staff has not been contacted over the weekend by telephone, or information has not been published on this blog site or in the media, the agency will be open on normal business hours on Monday and staff will report to work as normal.

If SCCAP or any of its programs are closed on Monday because of a shutdown, the agency will have signs on its doors and information on its voice mail system for callers. We also encourage clients to follow this blog, our agency website – http://www.insccap.org/ – and local media for any updates.


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