Hey everyone my name is Ross Freeman and I am interning in the communication department at the SCCAP this summer. You may remember me from last summer’s Operation Back to School; I was on the team of people which helped provide school supplies to children. Over the summer I will be posting to the blog and keeping people informed about the current SCCAP activities as well as writing articles for the web site.

A little about myself; I am going to be a senior at Ball State University this year. At Ball State I am earning a degree in general studies with two minors: a minor in business management and another minor in organizational communication. I grew up in the little a very little town just north of Ft. Wayne named Albion. This town is so small that it only has one stop light and it is basically surrounded by nothing but fields. So naturally as a kid I lived outdoors and I was an avid fisherman and hunter. Now that I’m in college my favorite past times are a bit different, I enjoy video games, golf, and working on cars.

A little over a month ago I proposed to my girlfriend of three years. Her name is Ann and she said yes! So now, either by choice or not, my biggest past time activity is wedding planning with Ann. We have a lot of fun planning together, and she now has me watching wedding T.V. such as: Say Yes to the Dress, Four Weddings, My Fair Wedding, and Bridezilla.

I look forward to a great summer with everyone!

Stay well,

Ross Freeman


3 thoughts on “Hello!”

    1. Thanks Lauren! I will definitely give CANI’s blog a look. Keep up the good work, I’m happy to know there’s a community action in Ft. Wayne!


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