Let’s get this blog rolling!

Hello, everyone!

After a year of working at the Indiana University School of Education, I’ve returned to the South Central Community Action Program as its director of communications and development. I had a great experience at IU, but realized that I missed trying every day to help make a difference for local people working to escape poverty.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to SCCAP and work with the caring and committed people here. This is my second day back and I already have a couple of exciting new projects I’m working on.

This blog has been inactive since I left SCCAP, but starting today we’ll resume having regular updates on people, programs and activities related to this organization and poverty in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties. So, please stop by when you have a chance and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

We’ll also continue to post updates and photos on SCCAP’s Facebook page.


5 thoughts on “Let’s get this blog rolling!”

  1. Thank you, Sally. It’s great to be back! I hope things are going well for you in Brown County and that I see you at the staff meeting tomorrow.

  2. Yeah! Welcome back!

    Christine E. Combs
    Energy Assistance & Family Development Program Manager
    South Central Community Action Program, Inc.
    1500 W. 15th Street
    Bloomington, In 47404
    812-339-3447 X 234
    Fax – 812-334-8366

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