Growing Opportunities Sprouts New Partnership

Growing Opportunities is a program here at SCCAP that runs an urban hydroponic farm and provides job-training opportunities for low-income people with barriers to employment, especially people with disabilities. Our greenhouse continually has donated extra produce to local food banks, but with a new grant from The Walmart Foundation they were able to officially become partners with a longstanding community ally, Hoosier Hills Food Bank.


For some who may not know, September has been Hunger Action Month, so being able to be apart of such a noble cause during it’s spotlight month has been very rewarding for our Growing Opportunities staff. We are also happy to announce that the partnership with Hoosier Hills expands beyond the month of September. Through this grant HHFB will be purchasing 250 heads of lettuce a week for 8 weeks! We are happy to supply healthy, fresh greens during the early winter months, which are sometimes unpredictable.

hydroponic system

If you’d like to purchase any Growing Opportunities fresh lettuce you can find it at Bloomingfoods or the Bloomington Farmers Market. To keep up with all things Growing Opportunities please follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/SCCAPGrowingOpportunities/



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