State recommends increased funding for SCCAP to expand its service area for weatherization of homes with stimulus money

May 20, 2010

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority is recommending that SCCAP receive $1,729,957 in the second round of ARRA Weatherization funding to serve Brown, Monroe and Owen counties.

This funding, which still has to be approved by IHCDA’s Board of Directors, would allow an expansion of the number of homes and counties that SCCAP weatherizes with these Recovery Act funds. During the first round of funding, SCCAP received $899,000 to make energy efficiency improvements to 145 homes in Monroe County. SCCAP had applied to serve Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties in the first round of funding, but was approved to serve only Monroe County.

The $1.7 million in second-round funding would allow SCCAP to make energy efficiency improvements to 275 homes in Brown, Owen and Monroe counties. This would include 55 homes in Brown County, 152 in Monroe County and 68 in Owen County.     

IHCDA’s Round 2 recommendations  for organizations across the state are provided below. There will be a public hearing at IHCDA at 9 a.m. on May 27 to discuss these recommendations. Public comments are currently being accepted and can be emailed to or may be sent to Chelsey Wininger’s attention at IHCDA.

Respondent Amount Awarded
Action, Inc. of Delaware and Grant Counties $800,000
Affordable Housing Corporation of Marion $349,000
Area IV Agency on Aging $1,074,188
Community Action of Northeast Indiana $2,888,750
Community Action of Southern Indiana $1,005,000
Community Action Program of Western Indiana $2,252,509
Community Action Program of Evansville $1,235,000
Community and Family Services, Inc. $978,359
Tri-Cap $1,928,825
Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Co-op $5,815,569
Hoosier Uplands Economic Development Corp. $1,007,000
Housing Opportunities of Warsaw $645,656
Human Services, Inc. $1,216,740
Indiana Builders Association $22,255,576
Interlocal Community Action Program $754,461
Lincoln Hills Development Corporation $1,271,781
JobSource $349,990
Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corp. $300,000
Miami County YMCA $1,096,095
North Central Community Action Agencies $832,000
Northwest Indiana Community Action Agency $4,055,920
Ohio Valley Opportunities $1,471,277
Pace Community Action Agency $863,741
People Working Cooperatively $1,656,808
REAL Services $3,268,119
Sheet Metal Industry Admin. Services $0
South Central Community Action Program $1,729,957
Southeast Indiana Economic Opportunities Corp. $320,000
Southeast Neighborhood Development $330,000
Western Indiana Community Action Agency $861,840
Westside Community Development Corp. $250,000
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. $600,000
Total $63,464,161

Section 8 still adding, has given 72 new vouchers since fall

February 10, 2010

The Section 8 waitlists for Owen and Brown counties were opened Jan.25 and 29, respectively, and all 50 slots were filled in both counties–but Section 8 action is not over yet.

Each county is immediately pulling the first 25 applicants from its list based on ranking.

Even so, SCCAP Director of Operations Chris Myers said this does not exhaust the waitlists in these counties. The remaining applicants—numbers 26-50 based on the state’s ranking—will have to wait until they pull again or until some of the previous pulls do not make it to a housing contract.

Myers said they have been able to give 72 new vouchers to applicants based on the waitlist pulls from this fall, and she said Section 8 is looking to add an additional 75 slots at least. They may even open the Monroe county waitlist again.

“I work these waitlist openings with our local staff, and it’s at those moments that you realize how great the need is for individuals,” Myers said. “People are willing to wait overnight or hours before the doors open, simply for the chance at getting assistance.”

Once pulled from the waitlist, individuals wait a couple of weeks for paperwork and verification to come through before receiving a voucher. After receiving the voucher, they have up to 60 days to locate a suitable living unit.

Duke Energy offers Helping Hand Program

October 29, 2009

Again this year, Duke Energy is offering its Helping Hand Program through SCCAP and other community action agencies to assist elderly and disabled low-income customers.

SCCAP will receive $50,700 this winter to assist these Duke Energy customers in our service area. Besides being a Duke Energy customer, clients must meet the state’s 150 percent of poverty guidelines and be over 60 years of age and/or disabled to receive assistance through these funds.

Updates from the SCCAP Central Staff meeting

October 21, 2009

In an effort to keep people who are interested in the South Central Community Action Program updated on the agency’s latest news, we’ve started providing some notes from the Central Staff meeting that’s held every other Tuesday. Here are this week’s updates:

  • Indiana is the only state in the country that hasn’t yet had its plan for use of additional Community Services Block Grant funds from the Recovery Act approved by the federal government. It appears that once the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approves the plan from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, SCCAP will receive about $647,000 in additional CSBG funds to serve people in poverty.
  • SCCAP’s offices in Bloomington, Martinsville, Nashville and Spencer have been extremely busy with people seeking energy assistance and with people who have moved to the top of our Section 8 wait list and are in the process of being approved to receive their vouchers for housing subsidies. The staff members working in those programs are doing their best to help people as quickly as they can, but applicants are still having to wait in line for service because so many people are needing help. SCCAP has served 1,208 people through its Energy Assistance Program since its winter program began on Oct. 1. Energy Assistance Program Coordinator Mary Zimmerman described it as a very busy, very stressful time for those working in the EAP program. Read the rest of this entry »

Updates from the Central Staff Meeting

October 7, 2009

In an effort to keep everyone who’s interested up to date on the latest South Central Community Action Program news, here are some notes from this week’s Central Staff Meeting:

EAP OFF TO A FAST START: As this winter’s Energy Assistance Program officially began Monday, SCCAP’s staff had already approved 770 Energy Assistance applications that were submitted by mail. The EAP staff in our four-county service area worked hard to get as many applications as possible approved quickly so that low-income households will receive energy assistance as soon as possible. It generally takes 6o to 90 days after SCCAP approves an energy assistance application before a client receives assistance.

Since the winter program began Monday, the EAP staff has been busy with a steady stream of clients. At times, we’ve had almost an overflow crowd in the Monroe County SCCAP office with more applicants in our waiting area than available chairs. After having a 10 percent increase in our number of clients with 5,209 in this program last year, we’re expecting another increase this year. 

WEATHERIZATION GETTING IT DONE: The Weatherization program has closed out its FY 08-09 LIHEAP grant by the deadline of Sept. 30 with more than 100 homes receiving energy efficiency improvements. That’s more than the quota of homes required of SCCAP by the State. Weatherization also spent all of the money in its LIHEAP grant, as required. The FY 09-10 grant will be $466,000, which doesn’t include the additional Weatherization money received this year through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

SOME ON SECTION 8 WAIT LIST TO RECEIVE VOUCHERS BEFORE TOO LONG: Following the recent openings of SCCAP’s Section 8 wait list in three counties, Section 8 Coordinator Kathleen Edwards is pulling the applications of those near the top of the wait list in all four counties who will receive Section 8 rental housing subsidy vouchers if they are determined to be eligible for the program. Some of those who are on the wait list have been on there for two years or more, so it will be a big moment when they are approved for a voucher to subsidize their rent.        

CIRCLES TO CREATE EMERGENCY FUND: The Circles Initiative has been working on the creation of an emergency fund to be used when Circle Leaders experience problems such as car repairs or housing issues that could become barriers to their progress in making the transition out of poverty. Operation of this fund is expected to be underway within a couple of weeks.    

HEAD START IS LOOKING FOR NEW SITE: With the recent approval of a federal grant to add two new classrooms and expand the number of slots for children to attend Head Start year-round, SCCAP is looking for an additional Head Start site. One of the site for the year-round program will be at the Walnut Woods site, off of East Miller Drive.  The other site has not yet been identified.  

SPANISH CLASSES START TONIGHT: To increase the number of bilingual staff at SCCAP, the Head Start program has put together a weekly Spanish class that will be offered at the agency, starting tonight, for staff who have signed up to participate.

CULTURE TEAM EVENTS AHEAD: The SCCAP Culture Team has put together a staff book sale that will be held the last week in October. Books will cost up to $1. You will be able to turn in 10 of your old books for a $1 credit, so that we can all have some free or low-cost books to read as winter approaches. Also, the team has planned an SCCAP Thanksgiving meal at lunchtime on Nov. 16. The agency will provide the turkey for that celebration, while staff will provide the side dishes. We’ll have more information soon about the book sale and the Thanksgiving meal.

On the Air with Lare

October 3, 2009

SCCAP Executive Director Todd Lare will be a guest on Glass in the Morning on WGCL 1370 AM this Tuesday, Oct. 6, at about 8:08 a.m. Todd will be talking about the winter Energy Assistance Program that starts Monday.

Energy Assistance Program for low-income households starts Oct. 5

October 2, 2009

Help with winter fuel bills will be available for households in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties starting on Oct. 5.

On that day, the South Central Community Action Program will begin taking appointments for a winter heating benefit through its Energy Assistance Program.

While elderly or disabled applicants and those with children or in imminent danger of disconnection will have priority for the first two weeks, potential applicants of all ages are encouraged to schedule an appointment at any time by calling the SCCAP office in their county.

The agency will also begin taking applications for low-income households in need of bulk fuel.

In addition, SCCAP will offer its energy education workshop for those who want to participate. Participants will receive an energy conservation kit, as well as information on staying warm while trying to reduce utility costs.

Each household applying for the Energy Assistance Program will need to provide income documentation for the past 12 months for all household members ages 18 and older, current heat and electric bills, social security cards and lease information for those who rent.

Last winter, 5,209 households received assistance through SCCAP’s Energy Assistance Program. 

SCCAP is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for low-income citizens to move toward personal and economic independence. Its programs include: Affordable Rental Housing, the Circles Initiative, Energy Assistance, Family Development, Head Start, Individual Development Accounts, Section 8 Housing and Weatherization.

For appointments or additional information, the public should call:

Monroe County 339-3447; Morgan County 342-1518; Owen County 829-2279; Brown County 988-6636

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