Free energy efficiency improvements available

February 19, 2013

The South Central Community Action Program is seeking applicants from Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties for its Weatherization Program.

The Weatherization Program reduces energy consumption in low-income households and insures that each client has a safe, operating heat source. Each client receives a furnace inspection and an energy audit. SCCAP uses private contractors to repair or replace heat sources, install insulation and seal the homes. Homeowners and renters are eligible. The program is federally funded and is free to local participants.

“This is a great time to apply for our Weatherization Program,” SCCAP Executive Director Todd Lare said. “While we sometimes have long waiting lists for Weatherization, we currently have worked through most of the names on our lists and are seeking new applicants.

“The Weatherization Program allows households to reduce their utility bills while being safer and more comfortable in their homes,” Lare said. “On average, across the nation, it reduces energy costs by more than $400 per household each year.”

To be eligible to have your owner-occupied or rental home weatherized, your household income must not exceed 200 percent of federal poverty guidelines. The income limits by family size are: 1 person in household – up to $22,340; 2 people – $30,260; 3 people – $38,180; 4 people – $46,100; 5 people – $54,020; 6 people – $61,940. For apartment buildings to be weatherized, two-thirds of the occupants must be eligible for the program and all units in the building must be weatherized. To apply, call 812-339-3447, ext. 275.

SCCAP is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for low-income citizens to move toward personal and economic independence. Its programs include: Affordable Rental Housing, the Circles Initiative, Energy Assistance, Family Development, Head Start, Individual Development Accounts, Section 8 Housing and Weatherization.

Let’s get this blog rolling!

August 28, 2012

Hello, everyone!

After a year of working at the Indiana University School of Education, I’ve returned to the South Central Community Action Program as its director of communications and development. I had a great experience at IU, but realized that I missed trying every day to help make a difference for local people working to escape poverty.

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to SCCAP and work with the caring and committed people here. This is my second day back and I already have a couple of exciting new projects I’m working on.

This blog has been inactive since I left SCCAP, but starting today we’ll resume having regular updates on people, programs and activities related to this organization and poverty in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties. So, please stop by when you have a chance and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

We’ll also continue to post updates and photos on SCCAP’s Facebook page.


Section 8 still adding, has given 72 new vouchers since fall

February 10, 2010

The Section 8 waitlists for Owen and Brown counties were opened Jan.25 and 29, respectively, and all 50 slots were filled in both counties–but Section 8 action is not over yet.

Each county is immediately pulling the first 25 applicants from its list based on ranking.

Even so, SCCAP Director of Operations Chris Myers said this does not exhaust the waitlists in these counties. The remaining applicants—numbers 26-50 based on the state’s ranking—will have to wait until they pull again or until some of the previous pulls do not make it to a housing contract.

Myers said they have been able to give 72 new vouchers to applicants based on the waitlist pulls from this fall, and she said Section 8 is looking to add an additional 75 slots at least. They may even open the Monroe county waitlist again.

“I work these waitlist openings with our local staff, and it’s at those moments that you realize how great the need is for individuals,” Myers said. “People are willing to wait overnight or hours before the doors open, simply for the chance at getting assistance.”

Once pulled from the waitlist, individuals wait a couple of weeks for paperwork and verification to come through before receiving a voucher. After receiving the voucher, they have up to 60 days to locate a suitable living unit.

Need for energy assistance is up this year

October 29, 2009

Not that this is much of a surprise, but the number of clients SCCAP has seen in its winter Energy Assistance Program that started on Oct. 5 is up significantly from the same time last year.

SCCAP has provided energy assistance benefits to 1,485 households in Brown, Monroe, Morgan and Owen counties since Oct. 5. That’s an increase of 16 percent, or 205 households, over the 1,280 households SCCAP had served at the same point last year.

The fastest rate of change has come in Morgan County, which has served 383 households in the energy assistance program so far, compared to 211 at the same point last year. That’s an increase of 82 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

Need for energy assistance is high

October 16, 2009

It’s not hard to see that these are difficult times from looking at the throngs of people seeking help with their home heating bills every day at the South Central Community Action Program.

In the first two weeks of this winter’s Energy Assistance Program, SCCAP has served 1,073 households with heating assistance and 307 households with crisis assistance. We appear to be seeing clients at a faster pace than last year when we saw about a 10 percent increase in clients from the previous year.  

Kudos to all of the staff who serve clients in the Energy Assistance Program! We know that you’ve been very busy and working extremely hard to help as many people as quickly as you can, especially with the early cold weather we’ve been experiencing.  

For those who’d like more information about the Energy Assistance Program or to schedule an appointment to apply for assistance, here is the contact information: 

Monroe County – 339-3447, Morgan County – 342-1518, Owen County – 829-2279, Brown County – 988-6636.

Todd Lare on WGCL’s Glass in the Morning

October 6, 2009

Check out Todd’s interview today about SCCAP’s Energy Assistance Program by clicking here.

Brown County housing vouchers draw a crowd

September 25, 2009

Brown County Section 8
The line to get on SCCAP’s Section 8 wait list in Brown County started to form Wednesday night, 15 hours before our Nashville office would start taking applications at 1 p.m.

With only 22 spots on the wait list to be filled, Jacky Dorsett-Neal spent the night sitting in a lawn chair on the steps of the office. Dorsett-Neal, according to a story in the Columbus Republic, works full time at a Nashville restaurant, is raising a 10-year-old son, is studying to be a paramedic and volunteers as a firefighter, but has trouble finding an affordable place to live.

“You just jump from place to place,” Dorsett-Neal told reporter Chris Schilling of the Republic. “I’ve lived out of my vehicle, with friends, at my parents. It’s very expensive to live here.”

Thursday was the first time in three years that the South Central Community Action Program has been able to open its wait list for Section 8 housing vouchers in Brown County. On Thursday morning, the line to apply for the vouchers wrapped around our Brown County office and flowed into the parking lot.

The 22 spots on the wait list weren’t enough to allow all of those who had been standing in line to get on the wait list, but if SCCAP had added any more than that, people on the lower end of the list might have to wait years before they’d actually receive a Section 8 voucher to subsidize their rental housing payments.

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